Adhesive Remover

Private Label Adhesive Remover

Uniquely formulated, alcohol free solution for the atraumatic and painless removal of medical adhesives and residues.

Typical Applications

For the safe and pain free removal of all medical adhesive devices and skin residues including:

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Wound dressings
  • Stoma pouches
  • Well suited for the removal of difficult residues which build up on the skin over time
  • Removes adhesives and sticky residues
  • Protective layers of skin are not stripped away by adhesive dressing removal
  • Quicker dressing changes
  • Contains skin conditioner
  • No CFCs
  • Spray (50 mL)
  • Wipe (2 mL)

Also available in both alkane and silicone (quick-dry) formulations