BeneHold™ CHG Antimicrobial Adhesive Technology


The skin is home to trillions of bacteria, which are mostly harmless until introduced inside the body where they can cause infection.  Scientists at Avery Dennison Medical have developed the BeneHold™ CHG antimicrobial adhesive to help with this problem. Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) was chosen because it is a well-documented broad-spectrum antiseptic already widely used in many medical products to minimize microbial growth, including coated central venous catheters, skin antiseptics and IV site dressings.


The Role of CHG in Infection Control

Chlorhexidine has proven itself to be a trusted standard of care for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections.1 Its broad-spectrum efficacy and demonstrated safety have been put to use in more than 60 pharmaceutical products and medical devices.1 Learn More

Comparing Antimicrobial Wound Dressings

When comparing antimicrobial dressings, the antimicrobial agent used is one of the most important considerations. A deeper look at the most common antimicrobials in use today. Learn More

BeneHold™ CHG adhesive technology by Avery Dennison Medical delivers the functionality of this antimicrobial agent in a thin acrylic adhesive layer that can be customized for various applications and performance requirements. We focus on adding antimicrobial properties to the primary skin contact layer; therefore eliminating the need for an additional component that holds and delivers the antimicrobial agent. In addition, BeneHold™ CHG adhesive technology when coupled with a transparent carrier film allows the contact layer to remain transparent and thin, making it easy to observe the site without disturbing it and offering added comfort. This novel adhesive technology is the subject of  several granted patents globally and a number of pending applications. 


Antimicrobial Adhesive Technology

BeneHold™ CHG adhesive technology integrates the antimicrobial efficacy of CHG directly into a thin adhesive layer, permitting primary skin contact and protection of the site while eliminating the need for bulky components to house the antimicrobial. Learn More

  Applications and Opportunities

BeneHold™ CHG Antimicrobial Adhesive Technology can be customized for a variety of applications and performance requirements. Its advanced infection control characteristics have already been translated into several commercial products. Learn More

Features and Benefits

BeneHold™ CHG adhesive technology is a unique proprietary acrylic-based adhesive with the following important properties:

  1. In vitro testing demonstrated that BeneHold™ CHG has an antimicrobial effect against a variety of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and yeast.1

  2. BeneHold™ CHG manage fluids such as blood, perspiration and other exudates.

  3. When BeneHold™ CHG is applied to a breathable carrier,  absorbed fluid is released through the film by vapor exchange for additional fluid handling capacity.

  4. The BeneHold™ CHG adhesive remains transparent throughout use and when coupled with a transparent carrier film it allows for continuous visual monitoring of site conditions.

  5. The CHG adhesive has been found to be non-cytotoxic and safe to use.

How does CHG work?

CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) is highly soluble; and in physiologic conditions it readily dissociates to release catonic chlorhexidine molecules into solution. 

CHG molecules, that are positively charged, strongly bind to negatively charged bacterial cell walls. This damages the bacteria’s surface structure leading to an osmotic imbalance. The consequent precipitation of cytoplasm causes cell death.2 


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As the world continues to battle the coronavirus, infection control and the efforts made to reduce the incidence of infections throughout the healthcare system are only becoming more important. To learn more about Trend in Infection Control, click HERE.

Trends in Infection Control

The BeneHold CHG adhesive technology can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and performance requirements to help combat this new normal.

CHG is incorporated directly into the adhesive

Option to tailor onset and duration of antimicrobial activity

Ability to tailor the adhesive thickness, adhesion level and fluid management

Connect with us and uncover how BeneHold CHG can advance your product portfolio

  • We exclusively license the technology for specific applications and territories

  • Opportunity to bring innovation where infection prevention is of strategic focus

  • Currently expanding into Surgical and Advanced Wound Care markets

  • Open to reviewing opportunities in other areas adjacent with the right partnership opportunity


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