The medical wearables market is ever-advancing and evolving. Manufacturers developing these medical wearable devices need to have the right partnerships in place to shorten development cycles, reduce costs and quicken time to market. Avery Dennison Medical designed, developed and marketed the first “true” disposable sensor fusion system, Metria IH1™. The development and launch of this product allowed us to develop the expertise and assets to support device manufacturers in creating and bringing their own devices to market.

Innovation at Every Layer

Our adhesive formulations for short-, medium- and long-term wear are informed by our extensive knowledge of skin science and are designed to accommodate factors such as showering, exercising and general comfort.

From how our products interact with the skin to how they support medical care, we ensure that every layer is designed for the best possible comfort, wearability, conformability and overall performance. 

Our experience in material science has also shown which form factors and designs not only work best for patients, but are ideal for scaled production. This experience can save considerable development time for device manufacturers.


These materials must securely connect the different components of the wearable device. Although they do not directly touch the patient’s skin, these materials must be compatible with the skin-contact layer.


Skin-contact materials attach the wearable device directly to the patient’s body. They must bond securely and comfortably to the skin, must allow the skin to breathe naturally and must accommodate a variety of activity and moisture levels.

Design & Development

Innovative products, and customized solutions, to meet your every challenge

If our extensive catalogue of ready-to-use materials do not include a perfect fit for your product’s requirements, we can create a customized solution to meet your specific needs. Our adhesive formulations can be customized to support a variety of patient circumstances, such as patients with fragile skin, or patients with high moisture and activity levels.


Custom formulations can be designed to:

  • Enable use on fragile skin for pediatric and elderly use
  • Facilitate long-term wear for diabetes management and monitoring
  • Provide the moisture-resistance and conformability required for fitness applications
  • Provide secure bonding for multi-day drug delivery
  • And more

Contract Manufacturing

Your ideal partner-from design to development to delivery

Avery Dennison Medical is uniquely positioned to help you bring top-quality medical wearables to market effectively and efficiently. 

Along with our expertise in adhesive characteristics and materials, our extensive manufacturing capabilities and converter partnerships simplify the supply chain by vertically integrating materials and finished product. This allows us to help you stick to your vision, schedule and budget at every stage, bringing your product to market quickly while meeting the highest quality standards. Our large scale also allows us to offer competitive pricing on raw materials.


Avery Dennison Medical has an extensive portfolio of ready-to-use adhesives that can help make assembling your next wearable device faster and easier.