MED 5712SI

Silicone Easy-Tear Tape

MED 5712SI is a single-coated easy-tear soft silicone adhesive nonwoven which can be easily torn in both directions. The product is coated onto a blue colored hydrophobic polyester-cellulose nonwoven and covered with a white blue LDPE release liner. The nonwoven carrier has a fluorine coating to allow the tape to be self-wound without the need for a release liner. The product is available in white, beige or blue and is supplied non-sterile.

Typical Application

Designed for woundcare and consumer applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Gentle and soft adhesion to the skin
  • No scissors required, easy to tear
  • Can be torn along or across tape
  • Can be self-wound
  • Conformable and flexible
  • Water-repellent
  • Secure fixation
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing, skin-friendly
  • Painless removal with minimal epidermal stripping
  • EtO sterilizable

 Product Construction  Typical  Values     Description
 Carrier Thickness 5.9 mils    150 µm   43 gsm cellulose-polyester nonwoven (with fluorine coating) available in white, beige or blue
 Adhesive Thickness 70 gsm
 Soft silicone adhesive designed for medical applications
 Release Liner Thickness 4 mils 100 μm
  Blue cast matte LDPE


  Physical Properties (Not intended as a specification.) Test Method**  Typical Values*  
 Silicone Peel Adhesion (Polycarbonate Plate)
TM040 0.91 N/25 mm
 Silicone Liner Release TM020 0.38 N/25 mm
 Peel Release of Selfwound Tape TM020
0.16 N/25 mm
 Silicone Adhesive Thickness TM043
70.3 gsm
910 g/m2 per 24 hr

MVTR, moisture vapor transmission rate.
*Refer to product specifications for material acceptance limits.
**Test method information available upon request.



Two years when stored at 23°C (73°F), 50% relative humidity, out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.