Our Expertise

Avery Dennison Medical develops new technology in partnership with healthcare market leaders around the world.

We bring more than four decades of expertise in adhesive chemistries, performance characteristics and production technologies focused on pressure-sensitive adhesives for medical applications. Our work aims to meet the current demands and future needs of medical device providers, helping them find ways to improve patient care while keeping costs in check.

Our vast portfolio of proven products is in daily use at medical facilities throughout the world. Through long-term relationships with original equipment manufacturers, industry-specific converters and leading universities, we continually find new ways to meet evolving market requirements.

Our approach revolves around four key attributes: We are research-driven, customer-focused, technologically advanced and globally integrated.



Science is the foundation of everything we do at Avery Dennison Medical.

We combine proprietary technologies and processes with extensive manufacturing capabilities, making us an invaluable partner to healthcare industry leaders. Our experience spans several medical disciplines, and we have a proven record for taking knowledge from one field and using it elsewhere in new, original ways.

Ultimately, our design engineers have knowledge and skills that bring projects from initial concepts to marketplace realities. This means inspired advances for science—and intelligent results for our partners.



We are focused on providing solutions that solve problems for our partners.

Avery Dennison Medical uses a variety of capabilities to meet the research, design and manufacturing needs of our customers. Beginning with the unmet needs of medical specialists or patients, we develop or customize the process and materials required to address it.

Our collaborative spirit has made us a trusted, long-term resource of medical device manufacturers worldwide. The outcomes of these partnerships: inspired advances toward real issues, and intelligent results that help our customers answer them.


Technologically Advanced

Our expertise covers a wide technological spectrum.

That means that we can find the right tool for the job. We offer standardized products in adhesives and release chemistry and base material coating. Our contract manufacturing services range from slitting and finishing to converting and packaging. And we work jointly with our partners to develop new platforms.

Because our work follows the highest standards of quality, Avery Dennison Medical has earned a strong reputation in our industry. It’s our way of ensuring that our advances remain inspiring—and our results intelligent.


Globally Integrated

A worldwide presence keeps our work efficient and effective.

The footprint of Avery Dennison Medical is a truly global one, with sales, manufacturing and research and development facilities located in the U.S. and Europe. This presence allows us to work seamlessly with partners in any location.

Across regions, we deliver the ultimate outcomes that our customers have come to expect: inspiring advances and intelligent results without boundaries.


Dedicated to Sustainability

At Avery Dennison Medical, we are committed to making sustainability integral to everything we do.

We continue to activate more energy-efficient initiatives to lower our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. We manage waste reduction through regional assessments, and achieve responsible material sourcing through supply chain collaboration.

In addition, we develop and offer innovative eco-friendly products, promote fair labor and safe factory operations by implementing global labor standards and meet community needs as a socially responsible company.