Silicone Foam Dressing

Silicone Foam Dressing

The five-layer foam dressing is an absorbent, self-adherent, soft silicone wound dressing available in a border and non-border version. It comprises of a breathable silicone wound contact layer designed for atraumatic removal, a polyurethane foam and superabsorbent fiber composite pad with high absorption capacity and a vapor-permeable, water- and bacteria-resistant polyurethane film outer layer. The silicone wound contact layer is perforated and is protected by a folded, transparent, embossed LDPE liner. On the bordered dressing, the silicone adhesive and polyurethane film extend beyond the perimeter of the composite pad to form an adhesive border.

Typical Application

Indicated as an aid for prevention of skin breakdown, and for the management of light to moderate exuding, partially to full thickness wounds, such as pressure ulcers, venous and arterial leg ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, and diabetic foot ulcers. The product is contraindicated for ulcers resulting from infections such as tuberculosis, syphilis or deep fungal infections.


Features and Benefits
  • Excellent absorption
  • Maintains moist wound environment
  • Optimal moisture vapor transmission rate
  • Up to 7-day wear time
  • Reduced pain on removal
  • Moderate to high fluid-handling capacity


  Product Characteristics

Typical Values*

4 mm Foam*

Typical Values*

5 mm Foam*

PU Foam: Off-white / Release Liner: transparent PU Foam: Off-white / Release Liner: transparent
≥ 900 g/m² per 24 hr
≥ 900 g/m² per 24 hr
  Fluid-Handling Capacity ≥ 8 g/10 cm2 per 24 hr
≥ 10 g/10 cm2 per 24 hr
  Absorption ≥ 44 g/100 cm²
≥ 52 g/100 cm²
  Thickness 4.5 ± 0.5
5.5 ± 0.5
  Product Sterility EtO sterilized (SAL 10-6)
EtO sterilized (SAL 10-6)
  Peel Adhesion ≥ 0.5 N/25 mm,  ≥ 0.1 lbf/in
≥ 0.5 N/25 mm,  ≥ 0.1 lbf/in
  Liner Release 0.05–0.5 N/25 mm, 0.01–0.1 lbf/in
0.05–0.5 N/25 mm, 0.01–0.1 lbf/in
  Pouch Seal Integrity
≥ 207 gf/25 mm
≥ 207 gf/25 mm

MVTR, moisture vapor transmission rate.
*Refer to product specifications for material acceptance limits.




Three years when stored at 23°C (73°F), 50% relative humidity, out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.