Polyurethane Foam/Film Heel Dressings

Polyurethane Foam/Film heel dressings

Polyurethane Foam/Film heel dressings are hydrophilic, medical grade polyurethane (PU) foams made of a soft textured material, designed to handle high volumes of wound exudate and provide a comfortable wear for the patient. The product has a high moisture vapor permeability and is available with a moisture- and bacteria-resistant outer PU film layer. 

Typical Application

Indicated for stage I-IV pressure ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, and surgical wounds.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for medium to high exuding wounds
  • High absorbency capacity in a breathable environment
  • Conformable
  • Low wound adherence
  • Viral and bacterial barrier film
  • Good pressure relief characteristics
  Product Construction    Description
  Film Carrier Thickness
 30 µm polyurethane film
  Adhesive Thickness
 10 gsm co-polyamide, thermal adhesive designed for medical applications
  Foam Carrier Thickness
 6.5 ± 0.5 mm polyurethane foam


  Product Characteristics
Typical Values*
6.5 ± 0.5 mm
  Absorption 15 g/g
  MVTR > 1000  g/m² per 24 hr
  Foam Density
65-95 kg/m3
  Heel Weld Strength > 900 gf/min
  Appearance (Off-)White foam, pink film
  Product Sterility Gamma sterilized (SAL 10-6)

MVTR, moisture vapor transmission rate.
*Refer to product specifications for material acceptance limits.



Three years when stored at 23°C (73°F), 50% relative humidity, out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.