Diversity, inclusion, and equality aren’t just buzzwords we’ve latched onto now that they’re in the corporate zeitgeist. They’ve been longtime cornerstones of Avery Dennison’s core values and success. We realize, value and appreciate that each employee brings a unique perspective to the table—and that’s exactly the culture we strive to cultivate. That’s why Avery Dennison actively recruits people of all races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientation, and walks of life.  These different, distinct perspectives spark the kind of creativity and innovation that promotes a free-flowing exchange of ideas. Diversity in the workforce leads to diversity of ideas and, ultimately, diversity of products and services. 

But there’s always more we can do to elevate those voices that still haven’t been heard. That’s why we have a group of employees dedicated to engaging our local communities. We develop partnerships with high schools to offer a mentorship program for groups that are typically underrepresented. Our goal is to assist in nurturing students’ potential and show the possible pathways that exist for them at Avery Dennison and beyond.

Our commitment to diversity doesn’t end after employees are hired. We work hard to foster a welcoming, open environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their best, most authentic selves to work. We have employee resource groups, such as the Black Employees Resource Group, the NEO Chinese Association, Unite (LGBTIQ+ and allies), Voz Latina, the Veteran Employee Resource Group, and more. These groups operate in different locations to educate, share culture, and ensure inclusion at every level of our organization. This results in a more collaborative, innovative and inclusive work environment. 

Avery Dennison’s goal is to recruit, hire and work with the best partners. We know our commitment to an inclusive workplace sets us apart. We’re only as good as the people we bring on to our team. And we’re focused on making our environment the best it can be, both for clients and our own employees. We are a global company, and our employees reflect that. They come from all corners of the world, speak dozens of languages, and approach their work with the cultural awareness expected of a modern market leader.

As Miguel Solivan, Avery Dennison Medical's global product manager put it, “When you create a culture where everyone feels safe to bring their authentic self to work, where you feel heard, valued and that you have opportunity…you can accomplish anything as an organization.”