Medical materials and adhesives are in our DNA. That’s why Avery Dennison Medical has an upcoming array of new products, just waiting to be paired with your organization’s ingenuity. It’s also why we collaborate with companies who share our vision of excellence. Just like the elements that bind complex chemical structures together in our various medical adhesives, Avery Dennison Medical can build the bridge between your ideas and our capabilities. We are uniquely positioned to create customized solutions for our partners.

We offer both the customized solutions and collaborative environment that will ultimately transform your initial concept into a fully realized product. Our extensive R&D capabilities allow for creativity, adaptability, and cultivation of new ideas that are rooted in rigorous testing. This is coupled with a strong commitment to controlling costs and maintaining a smooth, steady supply chain. Avery Dennison Medical cares about the structure, composition, process, and performance of everything we develop. We’re also committed to bringing products to the medical market sustainably, addressing both their environmental and social impacts.

However, we know we can not achieve those goals alone. Partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. We welcome the exchange of ideas with other organizations who are passionate about product development and execution. We want to be the spark that ignites innovative products and technologies. We also want to foster that same spark in our partners, so that together, we can curate the most effective, efficient solutions in healthcare.

Avery Dennison Medical is dedicated to building pathways to medical innovation. Join us as we shape the future of healthcare devices. Let us help you tailor your ideas by providing the support and creativity you need. It’s all part of how we’re making a material difference in patients’ lives.