Customers have direct access to the research and development (R&D) teams in the earliest stages of development so we can listen to your needs and incorporate the best adhesives to meet your goals. Our earned expertise, gained through countless partnerships, gives us the intrinsic understanding of what your device is meant to achieve, as well as its critical components. 

As part of the direct R&D access, Avery Dennison Medical offers in-house wear studies. Together, we create a protocol and execute the study with internal employees. These studies can help provide critical information and feedback during the early stage of product development, allowing for rapid iteration and improvement. In addition, we work with our partners to reduce the commercialization process to accelerate your product’s market debut. Plus, the direct connection between clients and R&D substantially boosts the quality of the finalized device. 



Our wearables product portfolio includes four groups of skin friendly pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, each designed and developed to meet a variety of medical device and end user requirements.

  1. Short-term skin contact tapes: Skin contact materials attach the wearable device directly to the patient’s body. They must bond securely and comfortably to the skin, allow the skin to breathe naturally and accommodate a variety of activity and moisture levels. This short-term group is intended to be worn for up to 7 days. 

  2. Long-term skin contact tapes: Similar in function to the short-term skin contact tapes, this group includes products with elastic, nonwoven materials, such as polyester and polyurethane nonwoven. These are made for skin contact wearables such as glucose monitoring devices and are intended for use longer than 7 days.

  3. Tie-layer tapes: Used to bond the construction of the device together, tie layers consist of double-coated adhesives that adhere to the underlying layer within the device. 

  4. Cover overlay tapes: This group of tapes are the protectants. These films are used to cover the device and act as a protective barrier against water and other environmental contaminants. 

Avery Dennison Medical’s expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence are what make us an industry leader in the wearables adhesive market.  

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