Finished Goods

Our robust portfolio of private label wound and skin care products can help you expand your portfolio quickly and easily. All of our private label products are designed, tested and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. In addition, each product is available with the technical documentation needed to support your product launch. 

We have a large selection of wound care products that are developed with state-of-the-art technology including hydrogels, barrier films and dressings. In addition, we have a skin care line that includes a number of unique formulations designed to address a wide variety of skin conditions. 

Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive (TASA™) Dressing 

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings 

Honey Coated Dressings 

Polyurethane Dressings 

Silicone Foam

Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Amorphous Hydrogel

Skin Cleanser

Skin Barriers

Adhesive Remover

Peristomal Paste