Skin Barriers

Barrier Cream

Barrier cream protects the skin from bodily fluids by providing a moisture barrier. It protects dry, chafed, red or irritated skin by moisturizing the skin and providing a long-lasting barrier. Barrier cream shows good permeability for oxygen and water vapor so that the skin can breathe. Barrier cream can be used with most medical adhesive tapes without affecting the adhesive properties of the tape. It is supplied non-sterile in sachet or tube formats. 

Barrier Film

Barrier film is a sterile polymeric solution that forms an even film when applied to the skin using spray, swab (foam applicator) or wipe. The product is dispersed in a non-stinging solvent that dries rapidly to form a film that is colorless, transparent and shows good permeability for oxygen and water vapor. Barrier film helps protect intact or damaged skin from irritation that may arise from urinary and/or fecal incontinence, digestive juices, fluid draining from wounds, adhesives and frictional forces.