Applications and Opportunities

Current Commercial Products

BeneHold™ CHG antimicrobial adhesive technology can be customized for a variety of applications and performance requirements. Its advanced infection control characteristics have already been translated into several commercial products, in which this unique platform has been designed to address applications requiring long wear time and sustained antimicrobial efficacy up to 7 days.

Vascular Access

The innovative BD ChloraShield™ IV dressing with CHG antimicrobial is designed to uniquely address some of the limitations of standard IV catheter dressings, including antimicrobial efficacy and moisture management.


Post-Operative Dressings

ReliaTect® Post-Op Dressing with CHG is a sterile, post-operative dressing that is designed to provide enhanced securement while covering and protecting the site from external contamination and inhibiting microbial regrowth within the dressing

Custom Solutions and Future opportunities

BeneHold CHG antimicrobial adhesive technology can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and performance requirements.

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CHG is incorporated directly into the adhesive

Option to tailor onset and duration of antimicrobial activity

Ability to tailor the adhesive thickness, adhesive level and fluid management

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  • We exclusively license the technology for specific applications and territories 
  • Opportunity to bring innovation where infection prevention is of strategic focus
  • Currently expanding into Surgical and Advanced Wound Care markets
  • Open to reviewing opportunities in other areas adjacent with the right partnership opportunity