Peristomal Paste

Private Label Peristomal Paste Products

Thick brown paste that is applied to the skin to fill in scar lines and skin crevices to allow the safe, secure fitting of an ostomy pouch

Typical Applications

Used as a skin barrier paste for use with:

  • Fistulas
  • Urostomies
  • Colostomies
  • Ileostomies

It is used to fill irregularities on the skin surface that affect the ability to securely attach an ostomy appliance.


Creates a flat surface for the stoma appliance to form a perfect seal with the skin, which in turn deters any leakages from occurring and causing skin irritations

  • Firm setting
  • Plugs crevices
  • Creates a secure fitting of stoma appliance
  • Dries on application
  • Improves pouch fit
  • Easy squeeze tube
  • Suits most skin types

Available sizes

  • 60g tube