Vancive at MD&M West 2019

Vancive will be an exhibitor at MD&M West 2019. The conference will take place February 5–7 in Anaheim, CA. We look forward to seeing you in booth #1263, where we will be showcasing our latest product innovations including hydrocolloids with unique properties, new silicone gel materials, and new long-term wear adhesives. Below we have listed the information for several of our new products—to learn more, schedule a meeting with our team at the show.

MED 5022 - Single-coated PU film with repositionable adhesive

MED 5022 is a repositionable single-coated polyurethane film with a rubber-based adhesive. This unique formulation allows for initial removal and repositioning for skin contact applications. The product is also breathable through the adhesive and polyurethane film, and is both EtO and Gamma sterilizable. Designed for applications requiring initial repositionability and breathability, including but not limited to vascular access dressings, surgical drapes and wound care applications.

MED 5740 - Single-coated nonwoven with long-term wear adhesive

MED 5740 is a single-coated, polyurethane nonwoven with an acrylic adhesive designed for long-term wear. This product is soft, conforms to contours and is highly breathable. Designed for 14+ day wear-time applications such as glucose monitors, insulin pumps, activity trackers, electrocardiogram monitors and other mobile health and wellness products.

MED 5555H - Hydrocolloid with an additive

MED 5555H is a single-coated, matte polyurethane film containing a hydrocolloid formulation with an additive. It is designed for wound care applications.

MED 5551H - UV blocking hydrocolloid

MED 5551H is a single-coated, matte polyurethane film containing a UV-blocking hydrocolloid formulation. It is designed for wound care applications.

MED 5684U - Pink/Red Beige single-coated foam

MED 5684U is a single-coated, pink, soft, conformable, thin polyethylene foam with a solventless acrylic adhesive. Its high initial tack and good level of adhesion—even under stress conditions—making this product a good match for mounting electrodes, grounding pads and other devices for sustained periods. It comes with a heavy duty liner with an easy release that is ideal for converting.

MED 6505SI - Silicone coated trilaminate film

MED 6505SI is a double-coated, transparent, flexible, yet strong PU film with a soft silicone adhesive (SSA) to adhere to the skin, and an acrylic adhesive suitable to adhere to a wide variety of materials. This product was designed for conversion as a silicone wound contact layer (SWCL) into multi-layered advanced wound care dressings, but it can also be used in patient monitoring, wearables, ostomy flanges and scar treatment applications.

MED 5610SI - Silicone coated duolaminate foam

MED 5610SI is a single-coated, white, soft, conformable, thin polyethylene foam with a soft silicone adhesive (SSA). This product's soft silicone adhesive will provide a stable anchor to the skin, while being repositionable and easy to remove. This product is designed for wearable devices.

To schedule a meeting with one of our Vancive team members at MD&M West 2019, click the link below: